Monday, October 18, 2010

Sackler Centre V&A London

At the V&A learning how to work digitally with my manipulated work as inspiration.
This photograph shows other members of the group working on their reference taken from the Diaghilev exhibition currently showing at the museum
The book written by one of the course leaders Melanie Bowles
Digital Textile Design.


projectforty said...

Hi Amanda - just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring work you presented last night at Malmesbury's EG meeting. I blog at www.stitchingandknitting.blogspot.comif you fancy coming over for a look sometime. I hope you won't mind if I like to your blog here too.

Amanda Goode said...

Thank you projectforty. I really enjoyed myself, so it makes it doubly wonderful that you enjoyed it too.
What a lovely crowd.

I shall nip over to your blog,thanks for the invite

Good Luck with all your stitching and knitting.


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